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So no I’m not going to give you this recipe today? Why? Well for one because I didn’t make it! and well two? because it’s the recipe of someone else. Normally I take a recipe and try to make it my own in some way in this case … it’s pretty much perfect. The first time Val made this my mind was blown and since then it hasn’t failed to impress.

There’s veal, sausage meat and white wine in it so it’s not exactly a cheap dish but for a special occasion or when you’ve got visitors coming over it’s well worth it.

Ragu In A Pot

If you’d like to follow along with the recipe you can find it on the blog of Christelle Tanielian – Christelle is Flabbergasting be aware it’s in French but you’ll hopefully be able to follow along ( or just ask me if you’re not sure ). We also didn’t make the fresh pasta but used a rather nice pre- made one.


I pimped this up with a little bit of a bread topping that I’ve made in a previous post Sausagebol Pasta. I had multiple servings and there’s more for tomorrow 🙂

If you’d like to check out Christelle’s book it’s well worth a read. For now I’m very jealous of her photos but I’ll get there some day 🙂