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This is another of those Sunday lunch doesn’t need to be complicated recipes and it’s Turkey Cordon Bleu. I think I was the first one to make this chez nous. However Val made it the next time and really made it her own. The secret? Fresh Basil!!!

Now this isn’t the breadcrumbed cordon bleu that you’re probably thinking of. For our recipe you’ll want some thinly sliced chicken or turkey breasts. In our case we’re using turkey. If you’ve got some fresh basil then that goes amazingly well with this dish. Unfortunately we’ve just got some frozen you will however notice the difference big time if you use fresh.

Take your slice of turkey / chicken and lay it out.

Raw Cordon Bleu

Onto it layer one or two slices of bacon. Follow this with a few slices of cheese (no not easy singles or similar actual chunks of cheese) Add some fresh, if you’ve got it, basil though in our case it’s frozen. Roll them up and skewer them with a cocktail stick if you’ve got them to hold the shape and get them frying away on a pan with butter.

Cordon Bleu Cooking

After browning all around put the lid on and continue cooking for 10 to 15 minutes. The time to cook it through and melt the cheese.

Val's Cordon Bleu Cooked

Serve it up. In our case with some green beans and boiled potatoes.

Cordon Bleu Sliced

It’s quick / extremely tasty and it’s all ready in less than 20 minutes, which for a Sunday dinner is insane.