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Nothing to see here please move along! No amazing recipe, no major tips or tricks just a nice and simple Sunday lunch.

I just had to look up what on earth these are in English. Veal Roulade? Veal Rounds? Veal Parcels? I’ve no idea. The plan was to have a simple Sunday lunch. Bangers and Mash was the plan and on the way past the butchers yesterday I saw he was 20% off on his Paupiette de Veau. He does a tomato and olive one as well but that to me doesn’t feel very wintery. A short while later after being charged full price and having that corrected, I left with my 2 Paupiette de Veau (The kids don’t get a full one just yet and when they do things will start to get VERY pricey). Now most of my recipes on here I tend to try and make from scratch however this is one of those times where well they are just perfect. They are a mix of sausage meat with some herbs wrapped in a thinly sliced veal steak wrapped with a slice of fat and sewn up. Buying those three things will probably cost me as much if not more so I happily fork out, especially when I just want two. It’s not to say I wouldn’t like to make my own but lets not make things more complicated than they have to be.

Paupiette de veau

There’s not really a lot to this meal. Throw on some frozen green beans. Throw on some potatoes. Throw your paupiette into a frying plan with some butter.

Fry your paupiette de veau

Pre-heat your oven (to 190C in my case) Brown them all over on the frying pan and transfer. If you want fry up a shallot or two in the juice from the pan. add in a decent splash of water and a spoon of fond de veau (gravy). Skip the gravy and just serve with a knob of butter if you want and let people make their own mash on their plate.

Shallot Gravy

After 5 to 10 minutes in the oven (You just want to cook the sausage meat through on the inside) take them out.

Paupiette de veau cooked

Serve. Food doesn’t always need to be complicated to be amazing.

Paupiette de Veau

Avoid eye contact with the cat!

Avoid Eye Contact with the Cat


No really I'll help you with your lunch