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Blue Cheese Burger

I changed up the way I cook burgers recently … ( OK the actual cooking of the burger is still pretty much the same but what I’m adding to them has changed a lot.)

Whenever I’m in a restaurant if I see the standard burger on the menu I’ll generally go meh unless there’s something special about them. It’s a safe bet I’ll like it, though depending on the price I may not enjoy it that much. Some of the combinations on the various menus though make me go oh that sounds interesting I could try that at home.

Well here’s my current burger of the day.

Cook an onion in a good bit of butter for 10 minutes at least ( leave it on a low flame … I’ll half the onion and cut slices though really you could do it any way you want. ) You may want to put the lid on to keep in a bit of moisture. For me when they start to go slightly brown you know you’re almost there. In the meantime maybe on the same pan throw on your burgers and cook to taste. Where burgers and mince are concerned I’ll generally overcook it that’s up to you though.

When your burgers are nearly done throw on a few rashers / slices of bacon … when your bacon is done throw two slices of your favourite blue cheese on top of the burger, cover the pan until the blue cheese starts to melt slightly (If it goes too far it’ll go very gooey) It’s my 3rd or 4th time doing these this way now. Oh I almost forgot I only recently started to buy burger buns. Splash out on the more expensive ones they are worth it.


PS: Any favourite ingredients for your burgers out there?